Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Leveling up my Pally alt in the DDO early game. Korthos anyone??

So I decided to re-roll a human palandin, mostly because it bugged me that I had to idea how to do a proper build with my warforged barabarian, and I wanted to do a 24 point build from scratch. But boy I had forgotten how much it sucks to be level one. I did the tutorial quickly, just to get a starter weapon, and because I don't know if there is any other entry way to Korthos.

Doing the low level quests is a lot easier if you team up, so me and Cornholio the Great teamed up and knocked off a few in succession and quickly leveled all l the way to 2. I know so much more now than when I started playing the game: the proper use of hirelings to aid in dungeons for example, and even what feats and skills to take that help out my class.

DDO, unlike other games has an advantage since there is so much online, in terms of guides and documentation. Many old games like DAoC, but to name one, have fewer resources, so it makes it easier to look up walkthroughs and helpful hints online.

Of course, if I just wanted to automate the character creation process I could have just used the excellent DDO Character Generator made available by the good folks over at Mortal Voyage in the Argonnessen server. Their Perma-Death guild was featured in the latest (and last) edition of Massive Online Gamer. There's a link to this great newbie tool over at their website: www.mortalvoyage.com.

 Anyone know of a good starting guild for my alt??? Look me up in Orien if you wanna get down with my pally!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year, time to get caught up with Stormreach

credit: ashlock.org
Hey guys, I know it's been a long time between updates, and I do apologize for this, but it was the holidays so things got a little crazy around here. Now I am back in 2012 resolved to bring you more info. about our favorite games, looking forward to getting back into DDO.

Honestly, Nov-Dec was a blur, in so far as gaming. I really didn't do as much as I wanted to. I think I logged on to DDO once in the past month, but that was only because I downloaded the game to my external drive to see if I could run it on my old laptop. I was surprised the answer was yes, though it tends to lag from time to time which was annoying. Truth be told I have been spending more time in the DAoC battlegrounds, but given my free trial for that game will be running out in about a week's time, I don't think I will be resubbing.

Also this year, I resolve to do more creative writing, and to this end I am reading the DDO novel "The Shard Axe" penned by fantasy writer Marshiela Rockwell. I've only glanced at the first chapter, but I hope to consume it all within the next couple of weeks and post a review of it here. The reason I am doing this is twofold: I have been working on a DDO themed novel of my own set in Stormreach of course, and I find this one to be a good source of inspiration. It is readily available in paper and e-book format through Amazon or through your favorite hobby/bookstore. So go out and get a copy you will be glad you did! I will update this blog more with my progress on my book and my other writing endeavors, as well as the progression of my warforged toon on my server. Stay with me!!