Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Multi Classing in Dungeons and Dragons Online

OK so things didn't go as originally planned. I haven't updated this ddo blog because I had not been playing the game consistently until now. Turns out that when I logged back in again recently, I found out I had been ignoring stats so I said goodbye to my previous toons and re-rolled a Barbarian.

I had to start with a melee class because even though it was fun to learn spells and play a caster for a while, my real enjoyment comes out of a melee based character, it's what I like, though I suspect I will also enjoying playing a specialty class like a rogue in the future.

The latest issue of Beckett's Massive Online Gamer has an interesting article on multi-classing in DDO. The secret to multi classing according to the author is combining classes that use the same attribute scores.
Seems reasonable to me, though for the moment I am going to stick with leveling my Barbarian all the way up without mixing another class, it's hard enough to explore the ins and outs of Stormreach for a noob without having to worry about double dipping. BTW, the concept of multi classing is not unique to DDO, but because Turbine wanted to follow closely the paper and pen tabletop version of the game in its MMO, or at least as closely as it could within the confines of the genre, there is quite a variety to choose from.

Other games in which the concept of multi-classing exists are Runes of Magic and Faxion Online, though I have yet to try the last one. It can be argued that Multiclassing in DDO is among the best given so many combinations are currently possible. If you're interested in starting a static group, I play in Orien a couple of nights per week and my warforged's name is Doomar. Drop me a line if you want or look for me in game.