Saturday, July 7, 2012

DDO is new again

DDO is new again, at least for me since I have been running instances with my warforged Barbarian in Stormreach.

Usually I hook up with groups looking to run instances in hard or elite mode, but last night I think I finally got what I have been looking for, for a long long while: a DDO static group. Me and three other players committed to running a chain, and I am halfway to level 6.

Though I had been in some of the dungeons before, and undoubtedly so did some of the other party members, the good thing about DDO is that it's a game with a great deal of replayability. We ran  Protect Baudry's interest, Irestone Inlet and a few others. I have also spent some time hunting down collectors in Stormreach. Ten Ton Hammer detailed a long time ago the importance of doing such quests, for me it was more a chance to get rid of items dragging down my inventory.

One thing I would advise any of you wanting to try out DDO, I am not sure about Underdark because I have not tried it, but at least in Stormreach, do try to join a guild as soon as you can, and if your guild is high level and has a ship, even better. I find that I am not that great at reading the map or remember where things are, so having the ability to transport anywhere via the ship is one of the greatest benefits of joining a guild. Who needs mounts when you can teleport?

Happy adventuring, and I will keep you posted on the progress of our static group.