Monday, August 25, 2014

Neverwinter PvP a Highlight of Cryptic's Game

water contest in the Summer Festival Neverwinter event
Summer Festival in Neverwinter can be a messy affair

Once more I found myself enthralled by Neverwinter this evening, and it seems to be quickly becoming my No. 2 mmorpg right behind DDO. Currently we are in the middle of the Summer festival and I participated in the water contest which was quite fun.

Prior to doing so I jumped into some PvP in the 5v5 arena and for once it was an evenly matched contest. We lost but only by a few points, in fact it was the closest match I have been involved since becoming eligible for PvP. One of the knocks on this game has been that some perceive it as P2W. 

I am not sure that this criticism is fair, from what I have seen at least in the lower level brackets, some of the matches are evenly matched considering the composition of the teams. It is true that control wizards and other casters seem to be very powerful, but sometimes it is just my fighter against another fighter or cleric and or rogue and it seems as though it is a fairly even contest, especially if we all work together

I really wish I had more experience but I think it takes practice like everything else. Another aspect of PvP I enjoy in the game is that it isn't as dependent on gear as World of Warcraft. In wow, it seems that you may be in the same level bracket but you can still lose because you may not have the greatest gear, but this does not always seem to matter in Neverwinter. 

I won't pretend that it's all easy and effortless, it's an intense experience and there have been many times when I went toe to toe with enemy players who got the best of me one on one, but it's a pretty good thrill and thus far I am enjoying the battles. I think it gets more intense in higher levels, but I will have to wait and see. My friend is still playing RIFT and I have yet to experience warfronts in that game, but for the time being Neverwinter will be the go to game when I feel like pvping because DDO is not designed for PvP.

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